open mics

Our "Fill Their Shoes" Open Mics normally happen after each of our Nashville Style Songwriter's Rounds. Everyone is welcome to sign up and stay for the Rounds, and then showcase your talent with one or two songs. 

Open mics are how we fill our Rounds! If you want to play a round, you MUST play an open mic. If the host gives you a date or a contact card, then you will be scheduled for a round. If you do not get a card, don't be upset, it's not personal. We have limited space and believe in nurturing. Simply work on your originals and come back to try again! You will be applauded for your efforts!

Lyric Contest

Fill Their Shoes Music will Launch it's FIRST Lyric Contest with submissions beginning August 1st through October 31. The contest will be featured quarterly, and entry fees will be $10.00 per song for the lyrics only contest.


*(Awards are not associated with lyric or song contests, and are separate)