About US!

It's Simple!

Our reasoning:

We understand that, for better or worse, things change. We here, at Fill Their Shoes Music, are absolutely cool with new music, industry changes, retro styles, different genres, etc. 

What we DON'T believe is that there is only one way of doing things! We DON'T believe that radio music always demonstrates the "Best" music has to offer. We don't believe that Independent Artist awards should be based on popularity contests or favoritism. 

We also DON'T believe that there is no NEW talent. We just think it hasn't been found or supported! 

Therefore, we BELIEVE:

1. That there are INCREDIBLE unknown individual Songwriters and Artists that the world is WAITING on to be found!

2. That GOOD...no GREAT music still exists.

3. That traditional genres became traditional because they were GREAT to start with, and should be recognized

4. That it's up to US to offer an opportunity for creative and gifted individuals, no matter the genre!

5. True Independent Artists deserve recognition of their abilities and hard work!